All the bonifide students of this college are directed to observe the following rules:

  1. The students are not allowed to carry mobile phones inside the college.
  2. The smoking is strictly prohibited inside the college campus and the defaulter shall be liable to disciplinary action.
  3. Every student of the college shall maintain the discipline and consider his/her duty to behave decently at all the times.
  4. Students shall contribute to the national integrity and any anti-national activity will be viewed seriously.
  5. Students shall be allowed to appear in the examination if he/she has 75% attendance.
  6. A student will be liable to disciplinary action if he/she found causing damage to college property.

Every student attending the college shall necessarily wear the college uniform.

              Boys:   White Shirt, Grey formal pant, Black tie (optional) and Black shoes.

              Girls:    White Colour Kameez and Salwar with White Dupatta, Black shoes, Black Abaya(optional)

            Optional: Black coat, Black Jacket, Black Sweater.


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