Seeratu-u-Nabi Conference

The Debates and Seminars Committee GDC Boniyar organized a Seerat-un-Nabi Conference on 13th of April 2023 in the common hall of the college. The programme aimed to discuss and deliberate upon the different facets of the Prophetic Seerah. The Conference started at 1: 50 pm with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Kabir Ahmad, a student of BA 5th semester. Kabir Ahmad recited 86th Chapter of the Holy Quran, wherein the humans are reminded their source of creation and asked not to show pride and arrogance as these are the devilish characters. The inaugural cum welcome address was delivered by the worthy principal Prof. Dr. Tariq Hussain Bhat, who gracefully welcomed all the guests and the speakers and students. He dwelt on the importance of moral and ethical values in the contemporary times and concluded that these values have no other source than the teachings of Prophet Mohammad may peace be upon him. The conference had three important segments: The Naat Competition wherein seven students competed; The Speech Competition wherein fifteen students dwelt on the different aspects of the Prophet’s Seerat. Mysara Akhter of 4th Semester talked about the simple living and the generosity of the Prophet while as Raheela Maqbool of the same class hailed the Prophet as liberator and protector of women. Sabreena Shafeeq dwelt on the importance of ‘Saber’ the patience and quoted some incidences from the Prophet’s biography to substantiate her argument. Rumisa Iqbal of Semester 2nd lucidly touched various aspects in her brilliant speech.  The competitions were followed by an invited talk delivered by Dr. Muddassir Ahmad Qureshi.  The guest talked about the relevance of the Seerat in the contemporary times where social fabric has reached on the verge of destruction, where materialism and selfishness has taken away the empathy for the downtrodden, love and respect for others. Mementos were distributed among the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position holders in both the competitions. Iqra Bashir of Government High School and Rumaysa Iqbal bagged the first positions in Naat and Speech competitions respectively. Dr. coordinated the entire proceedings of the conference and the conference by vote of thanks and concluding remarks presented by Prof. Javaid Ayub Sheik, Head Department of Political Science GDC Boniyar.


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