Two Days Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Debates and Seminar’s Committee of GDC Boniyar in collaboration with the IQAC of the College is organized Two Days Workshop from 21-22 June 2023 on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Young and budding Innovators and Entrepreneurs from different areas of the Valley were invited. The Workshop was organized to encourage student community to locate and polish their latent talents regarding Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The purpose was to assemble and identify different aura of the student personas. As we know that, personality is capabilities and capacities woven together in a composed whole. Manifestation of these capabilities brings expression and identity to human existence. Therefore, it becomes highly imperative to click them, ignite them and spark them; and once the flight is taken off, a new life begins; it is only when the egg shells are broken the new life takes its breath. Life demands freshness, innovation and dynamism. This dynamism and newness has to start from ideas. We believe that, ossification of minds and rudimentation of ideas cause death to civilizations.

Day first of the workshop started with the Welcome cum Inaugural Address delivered by Prof. Javvaid Ayub Sheikh, Convener Debates and Seminars, in the Conference Hall of the College. It was followed by the presentation made by Mr. Abdul Qayoom Naik, who connected with the students and shared his experience and expertise with them. The second session of the Day First started at 2:00 pm after the lunch break. Mr. Rifaz Ahmad Wani and Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad Wani (National Innovators) shared their valuable thoughts. They, in their lucid and brisk presentations, explained to the students different aspects and stages involved in the process of Innovations and the Entrepreneurship. The day broke with a cup of tea in the afternoon. The Day Second started with the live demonstration of inventions which was applauded by the participants. The presentations were followed by the Question and Answer Session, and the thrill live question and answers session created, charged the entire atmosphere. During the entire session the enthusiasm and involvement was at the peak. The second session of the Day Second started after the lunch and the participants assembled for a panel discussion; at the end of which the students were asked to present their own ideas regarding the theme. Various ideas were collected from the audience. Students from GDC Uri, GDC Baramulla (Boys), GDC Boniyar, GHSS Boniyar and GHSS Pehlipora participated in the workshop. The workshop ended with a vote of thanks presented by Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Tantray, Lecturer Education. The Sessions for the Day One were moderated by Dr. Imran Majeed Bhat, Co-Convener Debates and Seminars and Day Second by Prof. Javaid Ayub Sheikh, Convener Debates and Seminars.


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